Un skin nou de la Gurjon pentru iGO Primo v 1.1

Gurjon 2.17 pentru rezolutia: 480/272 compatibil strict cu versiunea igo primo, versiune 1.1
1. Added ability for moving “Bluetooth” and “Mapchanger” buttons to the “Main Screen menu”.
2. Added ability for displaying the number of TMC events (significant and total) on the TMC button.
3. Added feature “Petrol Reminder”.

The idea is that the second trip computer is almost never used. So we decided to do “Petrol Reminder” on it.
Working principle is that you type the hyphotetical driving distance, or encapsulated litres of fuel
(which will be translated into kilometres). Petrol station POI visibility will turn off automatically.
By expiration of distance you will get a visual and/or voice warning that you need to refuel and the
visibility of gas stations POI will be automatically restored.
The short tap on the reminder button will be give the following choices:
data entry or a list of nearby gas stations.
The long tap will jump to the setup of the “Petrol Reminder”.
Answers to the anticipating questions:
1. Reserve of the fuel or distance – while entering the data subtract the amount of reserving fuel or distance.
Say, have filled 20 litres, want to reserve 5 litres. So, enter 15 litres. Same with the distance.
2. Visibility of 3D gas stations doesn’t turn off, as they are 3D buildings, not POIs.
3. Gallons are not currently implemented. Maybe this feature will be added on request …
About settings.
“Always show button in cockpit” -> Always show the button in the cockpit. If checkbox unchecked, then the
button will be visible only after a warning. That is, when the tank is empty.
“Show last input value” -> Remember your last entered values.
“Switch petrol station POI visibility” -> Automatic control of gas stations POI visibility.
If checkbox unchecked, then POI visibility setiing is not changed.
“Fuel economy” -> This is the average fuel consumption, it is taken from your values in “Green Routing”.
A tap to this field will jump to the “Green Routing”, where you can change the fuel consumption.
During entering amount of fuel, three options of the fuel consumption mode can be selected: Urban/Rural/Average.
3. Modified Equalizer and Tone screens.
4. Technical repairs

DOWNLOAD Gurjon 2.17

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